Government School from Puttur, Karnataka approached Shilpa Foundation – Non-Profit Organisation with a special request to assist them. Shilpa Foundation happily announced, that we will be supplying office chairs for school. And we did it. On the Occasion of Republic Day celebration, 28th Jan 2017 Shilpa Foundation – Non-Profit Organisation gave donation to D.K.G.P Modern Higher Primary School Bilinele – Puttur, Karnataka for the development of school infrastructure


On the eve of New Year 2015, we visited G K Higher Primary School Yalagonda Palya. Mr Gowda greeted the students & gave them a pep talk on the importance of education. Students presented the guests with handmade greeting cards.



Successfully completed the Career Development Program at SJR School-Balehonnur on the 24th Nov 2014. We also took the privilege of honoring Kumari B C Geetha – Secretary of SJR School & Mr Puroshotham, Principal of SJR School who retired from the services in the year 2014.
Seven deserving students were given mementos & scholarships on the same day.



On the occasion of the Teacher’s day, Shilpa Foundation visited the Government Higher Primary School, Aaluru Hosakoppa on 15th September 2014. As part of the Teacher’s day celebrations 10 of the deserving students were given scholarships.



Shilpa Foundation was inaugurated on the 6th September 2014. On this auspicious occasion, Government Kannada Higher Primary School, Victoria Layout, Yalagonda Palya, Bangalore, was given a facelift, painted & the school premises was completely cleaned up. Entire students of the school were given school bags, pencil boxes & water bottles. New sign board was erected at the school on this important day. Number of coconut plants were planted in the school premises on this day.


On the occasion of Teachers day, 5th Sep 2015.


On the occasion of the New Year 2016 

Two deserving students, Abhishek from Govt High School, Makkibayalu, Kanandur and Ganavi from National Residential School, Konandur won the scholarships from Shilpa Foundation.

On the occasion of the Children’s day – 

Shilpa Foundation conducted Drawing Competition with the cooperation of Fidelitus Gallery atGovernment Kannada Higher Primary School, Yalagonda Palya, Bangalore, on 14th November 2015. 3 students were awarded prizes.