Education is a basic right of every child . To make it a reality Shilpa Foundation stretched its arms to unveil it support to every child and communitee within our reach.

Children living in poverty are the least like to attend, complete school. And it is an important to identify such young brains and nurture them with the best knowledge and care.We offer a range of activities to keep the children engaged. To motivate them further, we have planned to set up following programs at the earliest. Some of them are already started. We maximize our impact by focusing on long term problem solving, not just temporary fixes.

Activities which we are involved in are as follows:

1) Career Guidance Program

2) Student Development Program

3) Soft Skill Development Program

4) Personality Development Program

5) Educational Support

6) School Development Program

7) Health Guidance Program

8) Creating interest and promoting sports

9) Health Care Services